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CF Educational Services is located in Vancouver, B.C.  Vancouver is Canada's 3rd largest city.  Visitors come here for the same reasons residents remain: a mild climate, a lush, clean outdoor setting and a culture that welcomes diversity.  Visitors come here to explore the expansive picturesque beaches, the hiking trails, ski slopes, and shopping malls.  Visitors stay to experience Canadian hospitality.  Homestay accommodation is an opportunity to meet a Canadian family and share in family fun activities.  It is an affordable alternative for those who plan to work, study, or just play for a while!

B.C. and Canada B.C. Map
Vancouver Map

Vancouver Facts

City of Vancouver - 603,502 (2011 Census)
Metro Vancouver - 2,313,328 (2011 Census)
Province of British Columbia - 4,400,057 (2011 Census)

Average Daily Highs
 Month  C   F     Month  C   F 
 January  6 42  July 22 71
 February  8 46  August 22 71
 March 9 49  September  18 65
 April 12 54  October 13 56
 May 16 61  November 9 48
 June 19 66  December 6 43

Average Daily Lows
 Month  C   F     Month  C   F 
 January  0 32  July 12 54
 February  1 34  August 13 55
 March 2 36  September  10 50
 April 4 40  October 6 43
 May 8 46  November 3 37
 June 11 51  December 1 33

Average wettes month is December - Average Precipitation = 7 in.

Weather information: (604) 664-9010
Current Vancouver Weather - Click here!

Liquor / Beer / Wine
The law in B.C. prohibits the sale of alcoholic beverages to persons under the age of 19.

Emergency:  For police, fire, or ambulance, call 911
Vancouver City Police:  (604) 665-3321
Royal Canadian Mounted Police:  (604) 264-3111
The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) are often requested to communicate urgent messages to anyone on vacation.  If you see or hear your name listed in newspapers, information centres, on radio, or TV, phone the nearest RCMP office for further details.

Customs / Entry
Visitors from countries other than the U.S. must have a valid passport and may require other documentation, such as visas or alien cards permitting entry.

What You Should Bring
A basic wardrobe should include a sweater, slacks, and a light topcoat or raincoat.  April to October, a light coat or warm jacket may be required, while November to March, a heavy coat, boots, gloves, an umbrella, and warm clothing are a must.

Outlets and voltage (110 or 220 volts) are the same as in the United States.  Adapters are required for appliances from other countries.

Vancouver has been selected as the City of the 2010 Winter Olympics.
Let CF Educational Services help you with your homestay in this dynamic supernatural city.

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