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Student Comments

She is really nice, kind, good, fine people.  She brought her friends and she made an opportunity to speak English for me.  When I came across the words that I didn't know.  She told me the meanings kindly.

- Rie Yatsunami

They are really friendly and kind, also funny.  They like watching movie, sports, talking so I can learn English throughout this homestay.  When we are watching TV, they teach us about news, and so on.  They serve us many foods, even snack or sweets.  They look happy when we eat enough foods.  The bedroom is clean and big.  I use it as if my room in Japan.  I really appreciate your business.  Thanks to you, I am happy.  This homestay was a precious experience for me.  Thank you so much!!

- Yukiko Asaeda

They brought me so many places . . . Always enough food . . . It's very delicious.  Everybody taught me about English.  For example, pronunciation sentence.  I'm glad to stay this family.  I want to stay again.

- Atsuko Shintani

They drove with me and introduced downtown and some good places.  This house is always clean.  Because host mother often clean this house.  (My homestay mother or father) talk to me about fire safety, earthquake protection, new friends, and transportation.

- Masataka Somiya

Imelda & Ken took me everywhere in Vancouver.  I had wonderful time.

- Shinya Torii

Thank you very much for your hospitality in this wonderful apartment and for your good tutoring.  Wishing you a peaceful Christmas and all the best for you.

- Dietrun & Ferdinand

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