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Application Form for the Teacher-Host Program

Homestays in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler, BC and Ontario, Canada, CF Educational ServicesPlease fill out the boxes below to send us your questionnaire and help us match you with the teacher-host who is right for you. Please ensure that you have entered your correct e-mail address, so that we can reply to your message!
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Homestays in Vancouver, Victoria, Whistler BC Canada, Ontario, CanadaTeacher-Host Homestay Application Form

Personal Information

Home Address:
E-mail Address:
Gender: Male    Female
Date of Birth: Month / Day / Year
Passport Number:
Visa Classification: Student    Visitor

Study Program and Ability

My Present level of ability:

In Reading is
Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced
In Writing is Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced
In Speaking is Beginning / Intermediate / Advanced
I want my program to be in :

English / French

Length of Instruction

I request (7,14,21...) hours of Language Instruction per week.
I request number of weeks. (1 week=7 days). I would like extra days.


I would like to be in:
The Vancouver Area of British Colombia   The Chatham area of South Western Ontario


My Additional Activities - Holiday Experiences
Here are some things you might like to do while you're here. Check the box beside any activity you think you'd enjoy. like us to arrange for you:

 1. Teacher-guided sight-seeing and / or historical tours:
Please specify the number hours.

 2. A First Nations (aboriginal) Culture experience?

 3. Recreational sports?
mountain climbing
bird watching
snow boarding
horseback riding

Other sports you are interested in:

 4. Arts & Crafts?
ceramic painting
pottery making
acting lessons

Other Arts & Crafts you are interested in:

 5. Cooking lessons (Canadian favourites) .

 6. Music lessons

 7. Day trips out of town. (or overnight excursions).

 8. We can get admission tickets for most spectator sports, concerts, and theatre performances too.
Would you like us to let you know what is available?
Would you like regular or premium seats ?

 9. Picnics / Barbecues

10. Seasonal outdoor festivals.

General Information – to help us match you to the right host

Employer Information  
Name of Employer:
Address of Employer:
Kind of Business:
Your job title:

Describe your personality
Marital Status:   Married Single Divorced

Are you traveling with a group?

How many people are in your group, including yourself?
What are the names of the other people in your group?

Many Canadian Hosts own pets. Are all pets O.K. with you?
I do not like

Do you smoke? Yes No
What else would you like us to know about you?


Emergency Information
Be sure that you have purchased enough travel and medical insurance before you leave home. In case of illness or injury, your host will want to get you the attention you need. Please provide:
Contact name:
Relationship to you:
Phone #:
Home Address:
E-mail Address:

Arrival Information

Date of Arrival
Time of Arrival
Flight Number     Name of Airline

Departure Information

Date of Departure
Time of Departure
Flight Number     Name of Airline

By the way……

How did you find out about our Teacher-Host / Mentor Host Programs?
Agent   Friend or Family Member   Internet Search   Brochure

Enter Your Comments or Questions

lease Note
By clicking the “Send Application” button below and submitting this questionnaire, I agree to release CF Educational Services from any and all damages that I may suffer as a result of any loss, injury, or dispute arising out of the provision of homestay services.

Thank You!

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