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CF Educational was established in 1988 as a teacher referral service. In 1995, homestay referrals were included as another aspect of this business. It quickly became our primary operation. We now offer 3 types of homestay: Traditional, Non-Traditional, and Specialty Homestay.

Our Traditional Homestay is popular with young students who are studying in long-term academic programs at local high schools or, short-term ESL Study Programs during the summer or winter months.

Our Non-Traditional Homestay is popular with young adult students who come for either long-term or short-term ESL and career programs.

Our Specialty Homestay is very popular with international business people, professionals, and career-minded young adults, who come here for a short-term holiday and cultural exchange opportunity. Teacher-Hosts design language and cultural programs, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual. Most of our teachers teach English; a few teach French language in their homes. These programs may include: informal conversation practice in a natural setting, through teacher-guided sightseeing and other activities. Mentoring programs are also available. Mentoring is by someone who has many years of experience in a specific career that the client would like to pursue; or, in a skill that the client would like to improve. We have Teacher-Hosts and Mentors in both British Columbia and Ontario.
CF Educational Services is owned and operated by Carol Faubert, B.Ed., Dipl. Sp.Ed., CIP, RTC. She has had 20 years of experience in business and more than 15 years of experience as a teacher. She has travelled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America. She knows the value of having a clean, safe, happy home away from home. Carol Faubert

Carol named the company CF Educational Services not only because CF are her initials but also to let you know these are Canadian Families and you will make Canadian Friends.

"There is no better souvenir than the memories of good times and wonderful people who have become our friends!  We will do our best to provide you with the kind of homestay experience that is right for you."

- Carol Faubert
Executive Director
Educational Services
E-mail: carol@homestay.bc.ca

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