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Homestays, Vancouver, BC, Canada, CF Educational ServicesHomestays, Vancouver, BC, Canada, Traditional Homestays, Non-Traditional Homestays, Specialty Homestays from CF Educational Services.
The BEST Homestay Service in Vancouver, British Columbia is CF Educational Homestay Services. Homestay is inexpensive accommodation (with or without meals) with a Canadian host or host family. It's ideal for international students and visitors of all ages (including business executives). Homestay guests can expect to be treated as members of the family. Vancouver homestays are best booked with CF Educational – the Vancouver Homestay experts!

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Homestay is very popular in Vancouver and there are many homestay companies to choose from. The BEST Homestay Service in Vancouver was established in 1988 and they now offer 3 types of homestay: Traditional Homestay, Non-Traditional Homestay and Specialty Homestay.

TRADITIONAL HOMESTAY is popular with young students who are studying in long-term academic programs at local high schools or, short-term ESL Study Programs during the summer or winter months.

NON-TRADITIONAL HOMESTAY is popular with young adult students who come for either long-term or short-term ESL and career programs.

SPECIALTY HOMESTAY is very popular with international business people, professionals, and career-minded young adults, who come here for a short-term holiday and cultural exchange opportunity. Teacher-Hosts design language and cultural programs, specifically tailored to the needs of the individual.

CF Educational Services is owned and operated by Carol Faubert, B.Ed., Dipl. Sp.Ed., CIP, RTC. She has had 20 years of experience in business and more than 20 years of experience as a teacher. She has traveled extensively throughout Canada, the United States, Europe, and South America. She knows the value of having a clean, safe, happy home away from home.

5 good reasons to choose the BEST Homestay Service in Vancouver:

CF Educational Services

  1. We are concerned about the well-being and safety of the students who come to them for homestay accommodation. This is why we maintain high standards in our selection process. Prospective homestay hosts are interviewed and their homes are inspected for suitability before students are placed in their care. The hosts must provide them with evidence that they are of good reputation and moral character. In addition to this, the hosts must speak English as their first language and have clean comfortable homes.

  2. We do our BEST to match the student with a host or host family that shares the same interests as the student. Common interests can be discussed and enjoyed together. Our hope is that the student will form a positive connection with the selected family and, that friendships with the host family will start to form immediately. We maintain ongoing contact with the student and the host family, throughout the term of the "stay".

  3. We do our BEST to ensure that the Hosts are providing the care and attention expected of homestay hosts, and that student clients are happy.

  4. We realize that cultural differences and language difficulties can create misunderstandings among people. Our multicultural workers are available to meet with students, speak to them in their own language and interpret, to help resolve any issues pertaining to homestay.

  5. We offer 3 different types of homestay to satisfy individual needs. You may choose a Traditional Homestay, Non-Traditional Homestay or a Teacher-Host / Mentor-Host Specialty Homestay Program. If your needs for accommodation change while you are in one of our homestays, there is no need to shop around. We will help you find another situation for a reduced placement fee.

CF Educational Services are the Vancouver Homestay experts.
Our directors are professionals with a commitment to education.
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CF Educational is here to help you succeed in your education!

Homestays, Vancouver, BC, Canada, CF Educational ServicesEnter CF Educational Services Website here!